Julius van IJperen

Producer DJ / Audio Engineer

Discipline: Muziek



Julius van IJperen, Herman Brood Academie en HKU Muziek en Technologie alumnus. Gespecialisseerd in elektronische muziekproductie en compositie, live performance en deejaying.

Julius (PTDD) is a producer and DJ based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. His distinctive sound can be described as high energy, dynamic, playful and warm.
Although dance floor friendly, his music is often quite quirky.
Experiment is key.

He is gaining some traction with his releases on Flippen Disks (NL) & Rhythm Section International (UK). With two 4 track EP's coming up on Flippen Disks and Pleasure Express (BE), 2022 has some good things to offer. As he also recently started his residency at @radioradiofm, co-hosting the Flippen Worldwide show with Monty (DJ).

If you know Julius a bit, you know he is passionate about one thing other than music. Cooking. If you can't find him in the studio, he is probably in his kitchen working on new recipes. He is exploring to combine both disciplines with a 'recipe EP' project funded by the Steunfonds Talentvolle Makers.