Suzan Lemont

Creative Expressive Arts Practitioner

Discipline: Interdisciplinair


I'm an American-born nomad who works with all kinds of art forms to help bring stories and thoughts and ideas into form and into the public arena as a valid and useful form of expression and transformation. Most recently hailing from the Boston area, I've lived in the Netherlands since 1996, and worked at, among other places, the cultural center for Utrecht University - Parnassos (2000-2011) and at University College Utrecht (2005-2010) as well as free-lance work all over the Netherlands. In my little studio, aptly called Pandora's Playspace because of the freedom to explore and play, I work alone and with groups to explore various themes running through society and in communities, and to present our findings to the public in small, intimate showings once every 8 weeks or so. My "laboratory sessions" are open to the public and I work in 8-9 week cycles wit ha specific group who has committed to that cycle. Besides that, I give workshops in intermodal arts methods and forms of expression, and a training for artists, community workers, psychologists, and teachers who desire to know more about how art works as an essential, transformative agent in human experience. My areas of focus are as wide as the issues we face in 21st century life on planet Earth: poverty, identity, trust, safety, boundaries, spirituality, consciousness, politics, and agency.

I speak and understand Dutch pretty well, but always write in English.

I welcome collaborations and cooperative endeavors and am comfortable in almost every artistic medium (at least the basic levels/to engage in inquiry/expression).

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Choreographer/Dance Theater Maker working with amateur and disadvantaged groups and individuals; Writer; Storyteller; Expressive Arts Therapist/Consultant/Educator; Body-Mind Connections Specialist; Independent Researcher in the Arts and Culture

I have a Bachelor of Science in Dance and Dance Therapy (1993) from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA USA and a joint Masters in intermodal Expressive Arts from Lesley niversity/The European Graduate School (1997).


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