Vincent de Boer

Kunstenaar, Kalligraaf, Lettermaker

Discipline: Beeldende kunst


Vincent de Boer is a typographic artist and a teacher of letter making. Early affirmation provided a solid confidence and a hunger for recognition. Without any doubt in his pieces, there is a legion of borders to cross. Any fresh visual that intrigues the eye, Vincent is interested to acquire. With many layers to a work, there is no such thing as one creative route: the starting point is simply never fixed. Vincent will happily collaborate and start new projects, as long as he is challenged and present throughout his brush strokes.

Going from drawing cartoons, to practicing on painting, illustrating and drawing three-dimensional spaces, to mixing the worlds of calligraphy, graphic design and typography all together: what you see is a cooperation of image and letter. The viewer zooms in on a gigantic universe of movement and dives all the way in. As long as it crackles, as long as it’s real: Vincent’s work embodies his craftsmanship. He’s fascinated by what’s been done in ancient artistries, but never afraid to break the ‘rules’. A precise years and years of mastering his skill, shaken about with an expressionistic use of pencil and a strong will to challenge himself. His autonomous pieces always evocative, but aesthetically so.

With numerous exhibitions and a bunch of awards under his belt, exploring new techniques and discovering unfamiliar terrains are deemed highly significant. Keep learning, keep digging. Vincent doesn’t do dishonesty. What he craves is a fine balance between provoking and pleasing the viewer. What is aesthetically attractive but not too easily satisfying? Vincent creates a different world, right in that moment, taking you in. Competitive, defiant, calm, bold, open, expressive, initiating, forward, playful. Meet his perspective.

(text by Imme Visser)

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What a year it has been. I’m very grateful for all things that happened this year, I’ll name a few projects and like to thank the people involved. The year started with Week 1 - Alphabet Experiments with High on Type, a great get together with my team that culminated in an exhibition in Paris later in the year. Thanks Hans, Julien, Ivo and my brother Guido. Second picture shows my self built new atelier in the forest, almost finished. This year was the first spring and I’ve enjoyed it to the max. The most special thing this year was my stay in Japan, I’m just back so you recently might have seen these images already appearing on my instagram page or website. Such a special experience! Many thanks to all the wonderful people that I’ve met and of course to the K. F. Hein Fonds, The Dutch embassy in Tokyo and Fonds Kwadraat. I did a performance during the AtypI conference in Tokyo as well, been very good to catch up with so many people there, thank you. Together with Guido and Hans I did a large High on Type wallpainting, initiated by Opperclaes. We 'wrote' a poem by Derek Otte, as large as 40 by 6 meters. Thanks to Linda, Bruce and Derek! My duo exhibition at Logman was also a personal and special one, since it was the first series of work to leave my new atelier. It took me about 4 months to finish and it was a big joy to show the works in the gallery. A picture from during my lecture at Rencontres de Lure, one of the most remarkable type conferences there is. Happy to be part of this and to meet so many new friends. Thanks to all of the team! And of course Philippe for inviting me. Of course this year was another great year for collaborating with Ill Considered from London. My friends and favourite musicians. In 2019 I got granted by the Creative Industries Fund NL for a video project that will cover most of my time in 2020. This means that you can expect a lot more from my collaboration with Ill Considered! Have a good 2020. #illconsidered #highontype #vincentdeboer #calligraphy #contemporaryart #contemporarydrawing @illconsideredmusic @kfhein @stimuleringsfonds @fonds_kwadraat @tenjinyamaas @rencontresdelure @nlinjapan @logman_gallery @atypi_org

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