Daniƫlle Balfoort


Discipline: Creatieve Industrie



Daniëlle Balfoort embroidery is a Dutch label that tells stories by creating unique hand embroidered pieces of art.

In a fast-paced world, I created my own universe where beauty is made by hand and stories unfold. To see the process of yarn and beads transforming from solely material into art is always a magical moment. My goal is that people pause for a minute and take time to look at my embroidery art, see the craftsmanship and perhaps discover their own story.

The story begins with things that trigger me and keep lingering in my head. This can be an image, textures, materials or even a word and I love a good sparkle too! Once the pieces of the puzzle are brought together, I see which embroidery story I want to tell.

I’m exploring all possibilities within the field of hand embroidery. Techniques and shapes. Materials and colors. With my label my focus lies on: craftsmanship, authenticity and the believe that beautiful things take time to grow

Apart from creating embroidery; I also love writing about it. On my own website and as a blogger for platform Modemuz I'm able to share everything embroidery related.

I welcome you in my embroidery world and if you want to be part of the story and see new pieces go over to daniellebalfoort.com because I love to share my journey with you...