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Manon Bijkerk a.k.a La Nonette is een illustrator, stripmaker, illustrator docent en eigenaresse van het gelijknamige illustrative label La Nonette met o.a. prints, pins en kaarten. 

Haar stijl is erg herkenbaar met de focus op veelal vrouwelijke karakters die niet zo levendig en divers zijn als vrouwen in het echt. Haar kleuren zijn eigentijds en gedurfd. In haar werk kun je invloeden herkennen uit de mode, art nouveau en de natuur. 

Ze heeft eerder gewerkt voor De Correspondent, Viva, Stella Mag, BUST magazine, Anorak en anderen.

Haar label heeft medere verkooppunten zoals Hutspot, Puha & Studio.

Elke maandag tekent ze wat ze draagt op haar instagram onder #whatiwearmondays

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Small businesses are hit hard with the current shut down. Here is what you can do to support, even during social isolation: - Like, share and or comment on posts - Write a positive review - Tell your friends about them - Order online (if possible) or buy a giftcard for later! Today it’s time for a little shout-out to a small business that I have been working with for quite some time now and who’s service I love. @lena_library is a library but for clothes! The most sustainable thing you can do is to wear clothes as much as possible and Lena makes sure all of their clothes reach their potential. They offer a nicely curated range from vintage, small brands and more designer items. Why borrow? A lot of times I fell in love with and item, wore it a few times and then it moved to the back of the closet. Not really money well spend. If you borrow your clothes you can just swap whenever you get bored of something :) You can also try new things and take a little risk as your investment is very small. Don’t want to share anymore? You can buy a borrowed item with a discount! Lena has been kind enough to sponsor me so I don’t need to buy new clothes all te time but I still get to do a lot of fun outfits on Monday (and other days of course). We decided to team up again and offer bundles: you can spend 50/50 at our stores in one purchase :) Their physical shop is currently closed but you can still order online! Today I’m wearing wool trousers that I borrowed at Lena, a vintage top, lot’s go gold accessories (also vintage) and fluffy black socks as I’m still isolating and working from home. Take care babes! #supportyourlocals #lenalibrary #whatiwearmondays #ootd #illutration #fashionillustration #outift #lanonette

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Here is the 4th illustration in made for @kimvsparrentak from @groenlinks @greensefa of why we should still march this International Woman’s day (may 8th) for equal rights. The glass ceiling: The numbers don't lie. It appears to be much harder for women to get a top position within an organization. This is partly due to the fact that the word "leader" makes us think faster of an older man in a suit. Just try and show that trough that lens that you, as a women or other than man, also have leadership qualities. We need to adjust the lens by getting more women in top positions. Personal note: I have this thing that I always want to come across as ‘nice’. Also in my professional life. Being nice and sticking up for yourself don’t always go hand in hand though. When clients asked me to do extra work I used to be prone to just always say YES even when these hours fell outside our agreed terms, if they where unpaid or if they where just unreasonable. I had to actually learn from and mimic my male friends in how to set my boundries. Now, I hope that people don’t assume I’m a bitch when I say NO or negotiate a higher price or ask extra. But if that makes me a bitch then so be it. I feel it makes me a boss. But 29 percent of the top positions in business worldwide are held by women. A women's quota is therefore required for top positions in public and private organizations. And politics must also lead by example. The number of female government leaders can now be counted on one hand. So there is enough to fight for and we are more militant than ever. So make your voice heard on 8 March during International Women's Day and join the Women’s March in Amsterdam! #feminism #may8th #internationalwomensday #equality #illustration #editorialillustration #procreate #lanonette #classceiling

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Here is my first illustration for @kimvansparrentak from @groenlinks @greensefa of why we still should march for equal rights! Have you ever had to choose between buying your lunch or a pack of tampons? For many women worldwide this is a monthly reality. Menstrual poverty also exists in the Netherlands (where I live) and the rest of Europe. Not everyone has the financial means to buy menstrual products. And even though everyone has the right to menstruate in a healthy, safe and comfortable way, this does not always mean that this is always the case. It is high time to remove menstrual poverty from the taboo sphere, to discuss it and to tackle it. We must ensure that menstrual products are available to everyone. It is bloody time to end the period of poverty. Ooit al eens moeten kiezen tussen het kopen van je lunch of een pakje tampons? Voor veel vrouwen wereldwijd is dit een maandelijkse realiteit. Ook in Nederland, en de rest van Europa, bestaat menstruatie-armoede. Niet iedereen heeft de financiële middelen om menstruatieproducten te kopen. En als iedereen het recht heeft om een ​​gezonde, veilige en comfortabele manier te menstrueren, vermeld dit in de praktijk niet altijd zo te werken. Hoog tijd om menstruatie-armoede uit de taboesfeer te trekken, bespreekbaar te maken en aan te pakken. We moeten ervoor zorgen dat menstruatieproducten voor iedereen beschikbaar zijn. Het is bloederige tijd om periode van armoede te beëindigen. . Laat op 8 maart tijdens Internationale Vrouwendag je stem horen en loop mee met de Women's March in Amsterdam. Meld je aan via @kimvansparrentak’s link in bio! #feminism #may8th #internationalwomensday #equality #illustration #editorialillustration #procreate #lanonette

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