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Manon Bijkerk a.k.a La Nonette is een illustrator, stripmaker, illustrator docent en eigenaresse van het gelijknamige illustrative label La Nonette met o.a. prints, pins en kaarten. 

Haar stijl is erg herkenbaar met de focus op veelal vrouwelijke karakters die niet zo levendig en divers zijn als vrouwen in het echt. Haar kleuren zijn eigentijds en gedurfd. In haar werk kun je invloeden herkennen uit de mode, art nouveau en de natuur. 

Ze heeft eerder gewerkt voor De Correspondent, Viva, Stella Mag, BUST magazine, Anorak en anderen.

Haar label heeft medere verkooppunten zoals Hutspot, Puha & Studio.

Elke maandag tekent ze wat ze draagt op haar instagram onder #whatiwearmondays

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Hello fellow white people, we need to talk about race. I know that this is uncomfortable because I know we like to think that we are ‘colour-blind’ but what we really are is blind to the ways that our society still is very much racist. And denying that our lived experiences are different from black and brown people is not helping. We need to listen. And we need to do better. We need to call out people who use the N-word, seriously or ’as a joke’. It does not matter how you mean a this slur, it still dehumanises people and they need to stop. We need to actively condemn racism. We need to acknowledge that our history is told one-sided, that we grew our wealth through stealing and pillaging and ripping away people from their homes killing them in the proces or forcing them to work for us, taking their culture from them and then getting angry when they dared to feel pride in where they came from. We need to see that our white skin is not ’neutral’, that we are not better, that we are no savours. Being uncomfortable is a small price to pay for someone else’s freedom. Get uncomfortable. Educate yourself, check yourself, listen & read, make an effort. You don’t have to be perfect right away. I’m definitely not perfect. (If you feel the need to comment ALL LIVES MATTER, don’t. Nobody is saying your live doesn’t matter. A lot of people don’t value black lives and see them as less and even disposable and that is what we are focussing on right now. Sit down.) I sadly could not be at the Amsterdam protest today due to my health, this is my way of being an ally. #blacklivesmatter

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