Maartje de Goede

Social art & design

Discipline: Creatieve Industrie
Conceptueel kunstenaar Cross-media kunstenaar Drukwerk Grafisch vormgever Illustrator


As long as it improves the world for the better, I’m game.

Hi! I’m a designer and artist that wants to make the world more beautiful in every way. I work in the shared studio 'Bureau Blad' in De Havenloods (#70). I'm a Graphic Design Bachelor (ArtEZ Arnhem, 2014) and specialised in Social Design (No Academy, 2016).

In my projects, I wander between graphic design, social design, and art.
Currently I’m working on prints that call out heteronormative culture in social dancing, an art installation on the climate crisis (, and a project about the Zero Waste future of Werkspoorkwartier.

My intrinsic values are very important to me and influence the clients and projects I take on. I’m a queer, environmentalist, intersectional feminist and I only want to work on projects that applaud that.

Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you think we could work together on something awesome!

Foto's van Maartje de Goede