Maartje de Goede

Social art & design

Discipline: Creatieve Industrie
Conceptueel kunstenaar Cross-media kunstenaar Drukwerk Grafisch vormgever Illustrator


As long as it improves the world for the better, I’m game.

Hi! I’m a graphic designer and artist that wants to make the world more beautiful in every way. I work in the shared studio 'Bureau Blad' in De Havenloods (#70). I'm a Graphic Design Bachelor (ArtEZ Arnhem, 2014) and specialised in Social Design (No Academy, 2016).

In my projects, I wander between graphic design, social design, and art.
As a freelance designer I make posters, books, infographics, illustrations, visual notes, and everything print-related.

Next to that, I work on self-initiated social design & art projects. Currently I’m working on prints that call out heteronormative culture in social dancing, an art installation on the climate crisis, and an interactive painting experience for kids. 

My intrinsic values are very important to me and influence the clients and projects I take on. I’m a queer, environmentalist, intersectional feminist and I only want to work on projects that show (and celebrate!) diversity.

Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you think we could work together on something awesome!

Foto's van Maartje de Goede